Sellers Tips


Think about what you want from an estate agent , Do your research on a selection of agents ask neighbours friend family, big branded agents may not necessarily be the best agent for the job, Arrange around 3 local agents for a valuation allow them to value the property and ask them what they can offer you in terms of service but don’t just go with the agent that provides the highest valuation and/or the lowest fee, also point out to them the benefits that you enjoyed while living there and what made you want to buy the property in the first place!


This is very important decision once you have had a valuation still feel free to check land registry websites as over inflated asking price may slow down the process of selling the property ask the agent for comparables as this will show you if they have sold similar properties in the area which can show a true agents experience.


Before the marketing of the property commences, try to tidy up all the little DIY jobs that you have been meaning to do, remove any clutter so that buyers can get a sense of feel of the true size of the property as buyers can’t always see beyond other people’s things.

Keep the property airy have some windows open add a vase with some fresh flowers if need be , things, keep all garden areas front and back trim and proper as on a good these can really stand out and on a day can still be presentable enough.


Allow the agent to carry out viewings, possibly at a time that you are at work, or whilst you go out so that prospective purchasers don’t feel rushed or concerned if they say something that may cause offence to the owner of the property as not everyones taste is the same and some buyers compared to others may need more time to really get a feel for the place.
Be flexible with times as you don’t want to run the risk of the potential buyers seeing other properties they like before yours!
If the property is tenanted allow them plenty of notice of your intentions of selling the property and to have communication with the agent.


If there is interest and an offer is made do not feel offended if it is not an offer you expect many buyers may feel in their own opinion that this is the correct offer compared to other properties they may seen, others maybe trying to pick up a bargain, and some offers need working on, we are here to advise both parties and negotiate a figure that everyone is happy with!


Ensure you have a solicitor in place, and you have all relevant paperwork in order to hand over to the solicitor once an offer has been accepted such as building consents, gas certificates, electrical certificates, paperwork with regards to leases, service charges etc as this may also hold up the process!


We will contact you after we have received feedback from the client, if the same feedback is given with regards to something then it’s always a good idea if possible to change it as something small maybe a reason to why a property is not selling!