Buyers Guide

Making an Offer

Once you have decided that this is the property you want to buy, speak with the agent and put forward of how much you’re willing to offer for the property
If there are a number of people keen to buy the property and you may get be put into a situation of competition with the other potential buyer! This is why it is important that you have your finances in order mortgage etc, as this may be more appealing to the seller rather than having a higher offer as the other party may be in a chain and cannot progress as quickly. Fingers crossed!


Once your offer has been agreed you will need a solicitor or conveyancer to carry out all the legal bits. A local solicitor is advisable as they are knowledgeable in their local area or may have recently dealt with another property in the same road or development. Your solicitor will liaise with the seller’s solicitor and raise enquiries, carry out searches, check title deeds and land registry. They will also deal with your mortgage provider on your behalf.

Keep In Mind

Survey / Valuation / Mortgage Offer

Your mortgage lender will need to send a surveyor in to carry out a survey checking to see if the property is mortgageable or if there is any structural faults they will also carry out valuation to see if all the figures stack up.

Once this has been done the surveyor will report back to the lender with their report, if all is ok the lender will then issue the mortgage offer.

Nearly there! Exchange of Contracts

Once all the legal bits are done and the mortgage offer has been issued your solicitor will call you in to sign the contracts and pay your deposit to them so that they may exchange contracts with the sellers solicitor this means your deposit is transferred to sellers soliciotor in which it becomes legally binding with a completion date set. the and inspect if visit the property ide of the transaction. A local solicitor is advisable as they are also knowledgeable to the area familiar with the area choosing the will carry out searches and check title deeds, land registry and leases ensuring that everything ok.

Completion Date Keys! keys! keys!

The day has come! On this day your solicitor will arrange for the remaining funds to be paid over to the seller’s solicitor once that has been confirmed you are now the legal owner of your new home. The solicitor will contact the agent to release keys!